Iconic Generation

Yesterday I read of Dick Clark passing. My husband pointed out that he was 82 and had been having a rough couple years. He felt it was time for him to go. Maybe he is right, but on the other hand I feel like this was just the passing of another iconic entertainer who spanned multiple generations. I know the whole circle of life and the yes everyone does die, I didn’t just fall off the oblivious truck. It feels like we are losing an entire era where turning on the tv I didn’t have to. Heck the room to see if kids were in there. Television is truly horrible nowadays. It is full of violence, horrible language, crazy advertising and a multitude of things children should not be watching. I am not claiming that kids haven’t been watching violence on tv for years, but the level has escalated in recent years. What has become acceptable for kids to watch has really changed and this is most noticeable in video games.

As a parent of 4 boys I do not let them play a lot of games. We heavily control the games they do play making sure that they are not too violent or full of language they shouldn’t be hearing much less repeating. I am confused as to why all parents do not do the same?

My boys are growing up in a home where imagination is prized above time before the boob tube. I am sad that they will not get enjoy some of what I did with my family. The excitement of American Bandstand or Saturday morning cartoons like Scooby Doo or the Flintstones. Sure my boys have the benefit of DVD’s to watch them on, but there was nothing like waking up to a new cartoon on Saturday morning, now they will soon be repeats as the boys make it through all of them. It is sad to me to think how violent a society we are becoming and how passive kids are to this violence. I for one will be raising my boys to know who Dick Clark and others like him are so they can appreciate the talent they had.

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Oh Christmas Tree!


How i love the Christmas tree and this is pretty well shown throughout my house. We have around 8 trees that we put up and decorate every year. I say around because last year, my husband was all determined to have a Redskins themed tree, including maroon and gold lights. Do you happen to know how hard it is to find maroon lights that are the exact shade of said favorite team? Well i can tell you…impossible. As much as i love Christmas, trees, and lights, I was fully sick of them last year, having been drug to every mom and pop joint across the state in search of the perfect color. We also tried various paints and stains to no avail. Needless to say his sports tree has gone to a better place (i.e.: dump) and i am rallying myself for this year’s journey to find the perfect shade of maroon to fully support his team.

Before all of the drama starts, I have managed to get up 5 trees in the house. Thank you to those that made possible the pre-lit tree. It wasn’t until i became an adult that i realised just why dad complained until the last second about getting a tree. Stringing up lights is right up there with fully awake colonoscopy (i have never had one, but i have heard this is not the way to go) and car shopping. The first few years in our first house we got a real tree and i wrestled it to the ground putting lights on it until i had more pine needles on me then it did. When we moved to the apartment while house hunting we got our first of many faux trees. I am a great lover of real trees and i will have real trees again, but that will hopefully be when someone comes with the tree to string lights on it.

We currently put a tree in each of the boys rooms, the playroom, downstairs in the front room and outside on the porch. I am desperate to replace the one in the playroom with something fuller, but i am unwilling to pay a small fortune right now for a nice one (you know the ones that come with a built in fluffer, i HATE the fluffing of the branches).  The one we have is well loved, mainly because on Christmas the right amount of presents appear under the tree and make our little boys happy. And us a little crazier… 🙂

Oh There You Are…

My ability to write in complete sentences and a coherent thought let me know that i have been away from this blog for quite some time. I could make excuses as to where i have been, but I don’t really feel like i need to. LIFE…it happens and sometimes you have to grab on and ride it for a while. With that said, I cannot believe that it is December already! I feel like i barely scraped the last of the sand out of the van and had finally gotten the towels to smell of something other than fungus. I think this year it might be a cheaper option to just toss the whole lot and start new, I think the boys are actually covered in more sand after drying off.

Fall went by me with barely a whisper and i am stuck in a state where it is either Summer or Winter on any given day depending on the mood. I like to think that there is someone out there writing about a harried mother that is constantly packing and unpacking summer and winter clothes during November and December until she finally gives up and say “I don’t care what they wear, the house is climate controlled!”.


I have fantastic intentions every year as we all do, to participate in more challenges that enable me to grow as a person and a crafter. *snort* I am actively participating in the challenge of get the kids dressed and to school every day until Christmas Break, who’s with me?

I have been spending a lot of time just enjoying how young the boys are and watching them grow and taking loads of pictures, that i swear i will put into albums…sometime closer to when i am marching up the stairs to God i believe.


I think i am like a lot of people, women, mostly who struggle, i mean REALLY struggle with weight. I can gain weight, no problems there. However, i am unable to lose it quite as well as i would like. Since having my 4th baby about a year and a half ago, i have been able to lose any weight. This is probably the most frustrating thing about my life right now. It depresses me to a very high degree. I just can’t get a grip on it. Now while i know people generally associate being overweight with over-eating, it is simply not true.

My sister and i started a weight loss journey in February and she now looks amazing, i have gained 15 pounds. Go figure. We each gave up things that were unhealthy in our diet. I gave up things that i love: bread, fast food, and pasta. I don’t eat sweets for the most part, i am so not a sweets person so i didn’t need to give that up. And we made exercise a part of the journey. I am running and walking 3.5 miles a day (in what is now melt your face off heat). So how is it that my sister has lost an amazing amount of weight and i have gained weight?? Simply the most frustrating journey i have ever embarked on.

I do have a thyroid condition, my thyroid does not work for the most part and i am on medicine for it. This cannot be the reason why though. I just can’t see myself being this weight for the rest of my life. I cannot be this weight for the rest of my life, i will be utterly devestated. I am for the most part healthy, but am just more over weight then i need to be. I just can’t fathom what my next step is in this journey.

We mourn the loss of Capt. Phil Harris|CorneliaMarie

My family is an avid watcher of the “Deadliest Catch” and we have enjoyed all the seasons of the show. We were sadden to learn of the passing of Capt Phil, he was one of our favorites, next to Sig of course. We are holding his family in our thoughts and prayers right now. I know that when he had the stroke it was during Ophelia season and he was airlifted off the boat to the hospital. His sons soon followed. All the reports had been that he was doing well since then, but this was certainly not the outcome we expected. We will miss you Capt Phil.

Is there such a thing?

After living through what seems like the worst weekend since, Vomit ’08, I speed dialed the pediatrician nonstop until someone picked up the phone to make an appointment. One way or another i was getting something done or the only thing left of me would be a empty shell going through the motions, oh wait too late. So after what seemed like a hundred days, but more like only an hour until the appointment, we left with what i had already pretty much figured out. D has an ear infection, this is now his third since having the tubes taken out and so now back to the ENT we go to put tubes back in, because I will not be able to take him getting anymore. He will start Kindergarten in the Fall and we all know what a lovely petri dish of germs schools are. #3 has a sinus infection and thank goodness (how sad) but i thought he was possessed and his end goal has been to drive us all mad. It may still be, but it will be without the pressure of the sinus pain. Last but not least is the baby and he has a lovely combination of double ear infection (wait don’t we have tubes in there?) and a sinus infection and good grief i am thankful for that diagnosis because he has taken to not drinking one single bottle for the last 3 days and i am being driven mad by he is possible starving to death all 23 lb of him. Takes after his mother he does in that when he doesn’t eat he gains weight. At this juncture i am happy for that, later in life maybe not. *sigh* thus ends the worst weekend ever in the house in which i took to possibly medicating everyone at night with Motrin because WOW the days were rough and everyone was miserable. I had already started the baby on the ear drops since we own stock in that company as well as the Motrin makers, but it is like throwing water at a grease fire and wasn’t doing the job. We are armed with antibiotics and stocked up the Motrin and Benadryl and mommy is really eyeing the bread because if this doesn’t rank right up there with “I deserve this cheat” i don’t know what does!

Did i say i was going to give up bread? No no no no, i meant Salmon, yeah that’s it.

*sigh* this is not easy to do especially since i never really paid attention to how many food i love have bread involved. Or how many things that the kids eat involve bread or something bread like. It’s painful and cruel that’s what it is.

At least i am not in this alone. M has joined the company gym and he gets a year free if he quits smoking, so bonus there because i cannot stand the smell of cigarette smoke. So we can say that there has not been a lot of “coloring” since he took smoking up last year. Ick-o. In any case, M has decided to join the gym and get healthier as well, which makes my giving bread up a lot easier. Although eating healthier and better means the food bill just went up $300. I always have bought only organic, but mostly the kids and I ate the veggies and fruit, now M is all about it and it is out of control. I cannot wait for our local Farmer’ s Market to be back in full swing.

Oh wait they have a bread section, right next to the veggies. This may explain why i buy so many veggies i have no idea what to do with. Good gravy i love bread.