In My Garden

One thing that i try really hard to do is save money and encourage the boys to eat fresh produce as much as possible. One way that i foster that is to encourage the boys to grow things that they are interested in trying. We don’t live on a huge piece of land and all of our gardening is restricted to containers because of limited space, but that doesn’t stop us from growing a lot. This year our garden has quite a few new vegetables growing in it due to the boys curiosity of them. Not only do they get to eat what they have planted they learn about taking care of plants and how they grow. To maximize the growing season i re-seed all pots throughout the summer with the exception of the cantaloupe, watermelons and pumpkins. I do not claim to be an expert, but our garden keeps us (family of 6) fed for the summer and the freezer stocked for the winter with veggies (more on that later). Here is what we are growing this year:

Bush Beans

Wax Beans

Cucumbers (regular and Argentinian)

Squash (crooked neck and straight neck)


Mediterranean Zucchini

Red Carrots

Purple Tomatoes

Mr Stripey Tomatoes

Lemon Boy Tomatoes

Jellybean Tomatoes (somehow i think the boys will be very disappointed with this one)

Better Boy Tomatoes

Yellow Pear Tomatoes

Black Rainbow Tomatoes (we do a lot of sauces, can you tell?)






Lettuce (Butterleaf and Romaine)

Orange Cantaloupe


White Pumpkins

Yellow Peppers

Green Peppers

Red Peppers


I think that is all of them. A few flowers as well. D2 gardens under the fling it in a pot and it will grow…generally he is right about this. However this year he flung a packet of flower seeds and vegetable seeds into one pot then ran away. I have no clue what we will get, but it is growing. #3 grows sunflowers every year because he loves them. He has quite an impressive record with these. We are also trying to grow the pineapple from the store bought one’s top and celery from the store bought ones root base. So far so good, however i didn’t get pictures of those. Below is a small view of the gardening chaos around my house, we have very little land, but make due with what we have. Every little bit helps!


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