Summer has Begun

I can say that with authority because in our house summer begins when the van starts to smell like chlorine. This indicates that the boys have been to the pool enough to qualify as fish. I do not know what the draw is to a pool for the boys, but the so love it. Even my cat-like child J who every time he gets a drop of water on him has to go change clothes or hide his socks in the couch. Why can i not teach this child to move a few feet and put his “wet” clothes in the wash? Oh that’s right he is modeling his father whose sole goal in life is to create a pile of socks large enough to qualify as a foot stool.

Despite my intense dislike for the actual pool, i do love summer. I love the opportunity to spend more time with my older boys who are growing older and thinking so much for themselves that i cannot keep up. I love doing different things with the boys and hearing what exactly goes through their heads. We have planned a lot of adventures for this summer that will hopefully keep the boys from driving each other crazy.


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