I don’t update my blog as much as i had expected to in the beginning this whole writing journey. When I started i had wild fantasies that my children would read this one day and think how valuable this insight was, but now i just hope to not sound completely crazy. If there was a way to download my thoughts into this, in some sort of order then my blogging every day would be more of a reality. Sadly there isn’t a way to do this and i need to be more consistent with blogging. If for no other reason then to record the slow loss of my sanity.

The other day i ran across a few of my journals from school that my friends and i used to keep. We passed these notebooks between classes, the three of us, because we wrote so many notes to each other that we started to lose track of story lines. At the end of our high school years, we each got to keep several of these notebooks. We had a secret language and code for the boys that we liked. I have kept every letter, note and card I ever received from my friends and family over the years and to this day still write letters. I prefer to write letters and send cards even though this is fast becoming a digital era. I find something very personal about this and i am sad to see that it is becoming a lost art…much like cursive. I still have penpals and encourage my boys to keep in touch with classmates that have moved away. I believe that I am not part of the norm in that respect though. I do believe that just because someone may move away it doesn’t change the friendship just the location. I don’t want my boys growing up thinking that just because a friend moved they no longer exist.

Plus who doesn’t love getting a letter or a card…now if I could only figure out how to send some of my overflow of tomatoes from the garden life would be great!


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