In the Beginning

When I started this blog the intent was to record the daily doings of my boys for future posterity.for those times when the boys say “mom you never took us anywhere” or “I never did that” types of conversations. I seem to have really strayed from this in the last year. From writing about what rattles around in my head to not writing at all this blog has certainly changed. It isn’t what I wanted though,and I do need it to be more about the boys then me. I will not remember the majority of what life was like with them, I can barely remember what I am currently wearing. Trust me that is SO not important. I do worry that the boys will have questions about growing up that I will not be able to answer. I panic that I won’t be here when they want to ask the questions to which I will not be able to answer. M is not here with them all day long like I am, he is clueless as to what I have been doing with them. GAH! I simply must stop giving into the voices in my head. It is unhealthy. The boys will look back and read this and think “my mom is bat shit crazy!”. There could be a small grain of truth in that, but not completely.

So from this point on I will be focusing more on the boys and what we are doing daily. Maybe more people will read it? Who knows….


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