Iconic Generation

Yesterday I read of Dick Clark passing. My husband pointed out that he was 82 and had been having a rough couple years. He felt it was time for him to go. Maybe he is right, but on the other hand I feel like this was just the passing of another iconic entertainer who spanned multiple generations. I know the whole circle of life and the yes everyone does die, I didn’t just fall off the oblivious truck. It feels like we are losing an entire era where turning on the tv I didn’t have to. Heck the room to see if kids were in there. Television is truly horrible nowadays. It is full of violence, horrible language, crazy advertising and a multitude of things children should not be watching. I am not claiming that kids haven’t been watching violence on tv for years, but the level has escalated in recent years. What has become acceptable for kids to watch has really changed and this is most noticeable in video games.

As a parent of 4 boys I do not let them play a lot of games. We heavily control the games they do play making sure that they are not too violent or full of language they shouldn’t be hearing much less repeating. I am confused as to why all parents do not do the same?

My boys are growing up in a home where imagination is prized above time before the boob tube. I am sad that they will not get enjoy some of what I did with my family. The excitement of American Bandstand or Saturday morning cartoons like Scooby Doo or the Flintstones. Sure my boys have the benefit of DVD’s to watch them on, but there was nothing like waking up to a new cartoon on Saturday morning, now they will soon be repeats as the boys make it through all of them. It is sad to me to think how violent a society we are becoming and how passive kids are to this violence. I for one will be raising my boys to know who Dick Clark and others like him are so they can appreciate the talent they had.


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