Oh There You Are…

My ability to write in complete sentences and a coherent thought let me know that i have been away from this blog for quite some time. I could make excuses as to where i have been, but I don’t really feel like i need to. LIFE…it happens and sometimes you have to grab on and ride it for a while. With that said, I cannot believe that it is December already! I feel like i barely scraped the last of the sand out of the van and had finally gotten the towels to smell of something other than fungus. I think this year it might be a cheaper option to just toss the whole lot and start new, I think the boys are actually covered in more sand after drying off.

Fall went by me with barely a whisper and i am stuck in a state where it is either Summer or Winter on any given day depending on the mood. I like to think that there is someone out there writing about a harried mother that is constantly packing and unpacking summer and winter clothes during November and December until she finally gives up and say “I don’t care what they wear, the house is climate controlled!”.


I have fantastic intentions every year as we all do, to participate in more challenges that enable me to grow as a person and a crafter. *snort* I am actively participating in the challenge of get the kids dressed and to school every day until Christmas Break, who’s with me?

I have been spending a lot of time just enjoying how young the boys are and watching them grow and taking loads of pictures, that i swear i will put into albums…sometime closer to when i am marching up the stairs to God i believe.


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