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Oh Christmas Tree!


How i love the Christmas tree and this is pretty well shown throughout my house. We have around 8 trees that we put up and decorate every year. I say around because last year, my husband was all determined to have a Redskins themed tree, including maroon and gold lights. Do you happen to know how hard it is to find maroon lights that are the exact shade of said favorite team? Well i can tell you…impossible. As much as i love Christmas, trees, and lights, I was fully sick of them last year, having been drug to every mom and pop joint across the state in search of the perfect color. We also tried various paints and stains to no avail. Needless to say his sports tree has gone to a better place (i.e.: dump) and i am rallying myself for this year’s journey to find the perfect shade of maroon to fully support his team.

Before all of the drama starts, I have managed to get up 5 trees in the house. Thank you to those that made possible the pre-lit tree. It wasn’t until i became an adult that i realised just why dad complained until the last second about getting a tree. Stringing up lights is right up there with fully awake colonoscopy (i have never had one, but i have heard this is not the way to go) and car shopping. The first few years in our first house we got a real tree and i wrestled it to the ground putting lights on it until i had more pine needles on me then it did. When we moved to the apartment while house hunting we got our first of many faux trees. I am a great lover of real trees and i will have real trees again, but that will hopefully be when someone comes with the tree to string lights on it.

We currently put a tree in each of the boys rooms, the playroom, downstairs in the front room and outside on the porch. I am desperate to replace the one in the playroom with something fuller, but i am unwilling to pay a small fortune right now for a nice one (you know the ones that come with a built in fluffer, i HATE the fluffing of the branches).  The one we have is well loved, mainly because on Christmas the right amount of presents appear under the tree and make our little boys happy. And us a little crazier… 🙂


Oh There You Are…

My ability to write in complete sentences and a coherent thought let me know that i have been away from this blog for quite some time. I could make excuses as to where i have been, but I don’t really feel like i need to. LIFE…it happens and sometimes you have to grab on and ride it for a while. With that said, I cannot believe that it is December already! I feel like i barely scraped the last of the sand out of the van and had finally gotten the towels to smell of something other than fungus. I think this year it might be a cheaper option to just toss the whole lot and start new, I think the boys are actually covered in more sand after drying off.

Fall went by me with barely a whisper and i am stuck in a state where it is either Summer or Winter on any given day depending on the mood. I like to think that there is someone out there writing about a harried mother that is constantly packing and unpacking summer and winter clothes during November and December until she finally gives up and say “I don’t care what they wear, the house is climate controlled!”.


I have fantastic intentions every year as we all do, to participate in more challenges that enable me to grow as a person and a crafter. *snort* I am actively participating in the challenge of get the kids dressed and to school every day until Christmas Break, who’s with me?

I have been spending a lot of time just enjoying how young the boys are and watching them grow and taking loads of pictures, that i swear i will put into albums…sometime closer to when i am marching up the stairs to God i believe.