Did i say i was going to give up bread? No no no no, i meant Salmon, yeah that’s it.

*sigh* this is not easy to do especially since i never really paid attention to how many food i love have bread involved. Or how many things that the kids eat involve bread or something bread like. It’s painful and cruel that’s what it is.

At least i am not in this alone. M has joined the company gym and he gets a year free if he quits smoking, so bonus there because i cannot stand the smell of cigarette smoke. So we can say that there has not been a lot of “coloring” since he took smoking up last year. Ick-o. In any case, M has decided to join the gym and get healthier as well, which makes my giving bread up a lot easier. Although eating healthier and better means the food bill just went up $300. I always have bought only organic, but mostly the kids and I ate the veggies and fruit, now M is all about it and it is out of control. I cannot wait for our local Farmer’ s Market to be back in full swing.

Oh wait they have a bread section, right next to the veggies. This may explain why i buy so many veggies i have no idea what to do with. Good gravy i love bread.


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