Wait what?

My sister and I spend a lot of time going “I’m fatter” “No, no I’M fatter”, typical stuff for siblings, right? Well when my sister got a call from the people making a bridesmaid dress for her for her brother in law’s wedding in May and they said that they can;t make one that big, it was time to sit down and take stock. I’m not to the point where i can’t shop in a store and find something that fits, but then again the only thing i have bought myself to wear in the last 6 years has been maternity or elastic waistbands, so quite possibly now that i will not be having any more babies (SOB) I might need to think about it. My sister and I decided that we needed to get on the scale and take stock of where exactly in Fat Land we lived. Turns out we both wanted to dive from the nearest rooftop. Holy Cow! I am (cannot believe i will be admitting this on the web, but you all don’t judge right?) 100 pounds from where i started 4 babies ago. Wow! That is a lot and what is more annoying, nursing each 10lber for a year has taken none of it off!

My sister is taller than and is a little heavier, but it equals to about the same. At this point we took stock of what we needed to do. My sister needs someone to help her and well suffer with her when she diets and i don’t need that, but i need to make changes that are not just for a diet, they need to be for a lifestyle. I can’t just diet because then i will just go nuts the second that last ounce is lost. I have to be honest about it, i am just not going to be able to change that. Fortunately, or not however you look at it, i am not a big chocolate eater or sweets person. However, i have an ongoing love affair with bread. I could wrap myself in dough and live the rest of my days in yeasty goodness. Man i love bread. So my sister and i decided that to start we would each give up two things. My two were bread and fast food. Working the mid shift it is too easy to just get the family meal ready and then because i don’t red meat, alot of times i am left grabbing something on the way in. I take full blame for this.

I need to make life style changes and not just diet, that doesn’t work for me. Now that my baby will be a year old, i won’t have nursing as an “excuse” to eat extra calories. I need to cut the snacks out and eat smaller portions, all those things you are supposed to as an adult know to do, yet don’t. I will get there, but i am not very excited about it. Have i mentioned my LOVE of bread? I need to cut that out though, i have seen my future and i just couldn’t take widening the doors in our house because i can;t put a slice of bread down. Well at least i don’t think i could.

We are going to weigh ourselves each week and keep a food journal that we e-mail each other every night. i think this will keep me more honest than anything. If i write everything down, it will be easier to cut down on grazing over the boys leftovers because i really don’t need them. My sister says she is lucky in that aspect because she has seen how her daughter “loves” on food and wants nothing to do with it when she is done with it. My boys don’t do this, but then again i guess that is a good thing.


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