What happened here?

Since Christmas my oldest son J has been seriously angry. I don’t understand what has happened to my sweet, helpful little boy who i could count on to help out with his buddy, little D? I have no idea what happened over the holiday season, it wasn’t like he didn’t get every gift he asked for and then some. He was very sick over the holidays and his brothers were as well. We can blame the public school germs for that. I just don’t get it though as he is all better, but really really angry lately.

So it pains me to say that i have had to resort to having him write sentences for each of the things that he knows better than to do. I know, what has the world come to? I can’t think though of anything else to do though since we don’t allow candy, restrict T.V. as it is and he could give or take that, really don’t allow video games maybe some occasionally Wii time with daddy and there are no toys in their bedrooms. There isn’t a lot to do to the kid. I don’t want the punishments to be only spanking because one day all of them will be bigger and stronger then i am and i can’t condone just constantly swatting a child (especially when you are trying to teach them not to hit!). So sentences it is for him and my four year old that is writing at the same level as my first grader. I am telling you what is the world coming to??? Punishment is so hard, but i am determined that the kids will respect me when they are older, it will be the only way i have any control over them. It certainly worked for my dad. My dad knows how easy he has it now. I never drank, tried drugs, stayed out late but a couple times, had a steady boyfriend so i never had the whole swinging door policy, never really mouthed off much. I mean it was like i was a nun! It never really crossed my mind to do any of those things and the friends that i had and still have were great influences on me and never did those things either (or at least i don’t think that they did). I was heavily involved in competing in the horse world and involved in band and i really believe that those helped keep my focus on the things i wanted out of life instead the things i could do to myself to alter my life. I look back now and see what great opportunities i had and took advantage of. While i am not in my dream job, sometimes those great opportunities afford you a detour that you didn’t plan as being a part of your life (i.e. i never planned to get married and have kids) so you have to change your goals. My goals are still there in the background and while there are a few changes, i hope that my kids have that same focus and drive that i did to not try those things that will set you off track. I worry about my boys and worry about the future for them. I just hope that this anger is the only thing i have to worry about and that i learn to handle it in a way that they will take something from.


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