Do you make resolutions for the New Year?

I have to be honest when it comes to New Year’s Eve, I can be honest I just don’t see the hype. I don’t see the purpose in “ringing” in the New Year and making promises that i should already be incorporating into my everyday life. That being said while i did stay up to watch the clocks turn over to the New Year, hold me back THAT was exciting, I did make a few promises to myself. I am going to share those with you in the hopes that maybe i can be held accountable for these.

I promise to eat healthier. I can’t diet and i can’t promise to work out every day, i just can’t. Yes, there is time in the day no matter who you are in which you can fit 20 minutes of working out in. That being said, the person who said that did not work the night shift and have four child all day, in which only one of them is in school. Show me a person on my schedule that works out and i will show you a certified crazy person. I live my life and i can’t verify that i am sane.

I promise that i will not lose my temper as often as i think that i do. I will remember that the boys are young and curious and i do not want them to react in situations of stress like i do. I am making great progress in this one as my two year old has taken it to task to try my patience every single second he is awake.

I promise to suck it up and open my etsy shop with stuff in it to sell. Sink or swim and it is time to just jump in. We couldn’t be any further in debt then we already are and we have to start digging our way out.

I promise to not buy so many things that i do not need and remember that we do have a lot of medical debt that needs to be paid off before mommy gets her 6th Christmas tree (i know, sad right?)

There they are a few things that i would like to work on for this year. I hope that you all had a great time watching the clock switch over and that money rained from the sky onto your head, because it certainly didn’t over here.


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