One of the last…

Today i took down my Thanksgiving decorations and lights and i think i am probably one of the last people to get Christmas up. My whole neighborhood is decorated and i feel like the odd ball left out. Which is weird since i LIVE for Christmas, but seriously i can’t handle cooking all of Thanksgiving week and then doing decorations, that’s just insane. But i will tell you the minute the boys saw the lights on the other houses i knew it was over for me.

While i did get the lights down outside and most of the decorations down from Thanksgiving inside, i still have a long way to go. I am hoping that M will get the outside of the house power washed before i put up the Christmas lights to make it look a little better. We are going to get all the decorations down tomorrow and put up at least the boys tree in the playroom. I really need to get the carpet cleaned (we own a steam cleaner) before doing a lot more. It amazes me how horrible builder grade carpeting is and how four boys can reduce it to a nasty looking piece of crap in minutes.

There are so many things to get done for the holidays and i love this time of year, but never get to enjoy it, in my haste to get EVERYTHING finished!

With the economy and our money situation i will be making a lot of things for people this year and i really think that i should of remembered that before December or November 30! I sense a lot of stress in the future for me. Fingers crossed i will make it through another holiday without losing my hair!


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