Guilty Pleasure

I have a guilty pleasure and no it isn’t that i eat peanut M&M’s in the pantry so that i don’t have to share them with my husband or kids (sadly they already know about it), no it is that i am addicted to watching “Wife Swap”. It is the craziest thing. Half the time one of the families make me so upset about how they run, but it is also a really good tool to show me just how happy i am in my life and with my family. Could i ever be on the show, absolutely not! I understand that one of the draws of the show is to pair up complete opposites for the most drama and i personally would be freaking out. The episodes that really bother me are the ones where the moms are never home and they go to a home where the mom is home all the time and then put the kids in day care for their rule change.

Does this mean that i believe that women should stay home all the time? no it doesn’t, in fact i work full time, but i chose (key word) to do so at night so that i don’t miss any time with my kids. Does this make me crazy because i have no free time or barely any yes, but i know that this time is fleeting. My babies are growing fast and my youngest is crawling and sitting on his own, soon he will walk and you know i was there for every one of their steps and falls and i am blessed to have that opportunity. Not everyone gets that chance, i understand that there are moms that either have to work or chose to work. I don’t disagree with that, but i don’t chose that lifestyle. Watching the show helps me see that i am not perfect and shows me that others aren’t perfect either. It is always good for a laugh since i know that the show probably exaggerates certain parts of their lifestyle (and in some cases i REALLY hope that they do).

Is there a show that is a guilty pleasure for you?


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