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One of the last…

Today i took down my Thanksgiving decorations and lights and i think i am probably one of the last people to get Christmas up. My whole neighborhood is decorated and i feel like the odd ball left out. Which is weird since i LIVE for Christmas, but seriously i can’t handle cooking all of Thanksgiving week and then doing decorations, that’s just insane. But i will tell you the minute the boys saw the lights on the other houses i knew it was over for me.

While i did get the lights down outside and most of the decorations down from Thanksgiving inside, i still have a long way to go. I am hoping that M will get the outside of the house power washed before i put up the Christmas lights to make it look a little better. We are going to get all the decorations down tomorrow and put up at least the boys tree in the playroom. I really need to get the carpet cleaned (we own a steam cleaner) before doing a lot more. It amazes me how horrible builder grade carpeting is and how four boys can reduce it to a nasty looking piece of crap in minutes.

There are so many things to get done for the holidays and i love this time of year, but never get to enjoy it, in my haste to get EVERYTHING finished!

With the economy and our money situation i will be making a lot of things for people this year and i really think that i should of remembered that before December or November 30! I sense a lot of stress in the future for me. Fingers crossed i will make it through another holiday without losing my hair!


Bold, Ambitious, Stupid

This year i am going to make all of the Christmas cards that i send out. Not only that, they are going to all be mostly different. This people is nuts, but i am always saying that i really miss the way that people used to send cards to each other during the holidays. Now we just Facebook, blog, Tweet, etc our sentiments to each other. While yes we are still remembering our friends, it is kinda impersonal. My boys love going to the mailbox and opening new cards from people and then we make a Christmas tree on the wall out of all the cards. It is a way to keep the holiday spirit alive all of December. I always send Christmas cards out, but this year they will be handmade. Let’s hope that i can get them all out by Christmas…if not i’ll Facebook ya! 🙂

Ok so there went November

Am i the only one that with good intentions to post, never seems to get to actually do it? I must be because i follow thousands of bloggers and i cannot seem to find the milli-second it would take me to type out a post for the world to see. I mean my life is absolutely so jammed packed that i have to schedule time for my bladder to visit its old friend the potty.

Well Thanksgiving has come and gone and i really hope that all of you had a blessed day with family and friends and pants with elastic in the waist. I spent the whole day cooking for family and friends that joined us, then i took an entire meal into work to share with the guys here. It was a very full day for me.

Now onto to Christmas…

Somehow all of October got away from me. Where did it go? I know i had a birthday in there somewhere and i remember it passing it me by. Getting another year older is really not a big deal to me, age is just a number and to focus on it is silly. However, i really do mean to blog and jot down parts of my day. I am never going to remember them any other way. I really must get better about it.

Since i was last here, Devin has started crawling. So sad and happy at the same time. Being that he is the last baby all of his milestones are a mixture of that. I do want more kids, but M doesn’t. However, i think he is open to adoption which is something. All the boys are doing well and it amazes me every day just how much they know and how much they like to learn. I hope that they never lose that.

I have been doing a lot of homeschooling type stuff here and now that the scanner is working i am going to be trying to share what we are doing here with everyone in hopes that others can get something out of it. I work full time like a lot of moms and while my schedule may differ from most, i do want to be a part of my boys education. I have spent a lot of time looking at the schools curriculum and while i think that they are doing a good job, there is a lot being left out. I know that there are only so many hours in a day and my first grader comes home exhausted from school with all that he is struggling to learn. He has a learning disability though and this makes the school day much much harder for him. I understand what makes it easier for him to learn and he is like me and is very much a hands on learner. He will remember more from an experience then from a paragraph in a book. So while i am working on him with his homework, i am also helping him learn things here at home as well as his brothers.

Ahh the baby is up and i must run…

Guilty Pleasure

I have a guilty pleasure and no it isn’t that i eat peanut M&M’s in the pantry so that i don’t have to share them with my husband or kids (sadly they already know about it), no it is that i am addicted to watching “Wife Swap”. It is the craziest thing. Half the time one of the families make me so upset about how they run, but it is also a really good tool to show me just how happy i am in my life and with my family. Could i ever be on the show, absolutely not! I understand that one of the draws of the show is to pair up complete opposites for the most drama and i personally would be freaking out. The episodes that really bother me are the ones where the moms are never home and they go to a home where the mom is home all the time and then put the kids in day care for their rule change.

Does this mean that i believe that women should stay home all the time? no it doesn’t, in fact i work full time, but i chose (key word) to do so at night so that i don’t miss any time with my kids. Does this make me crazy because i have no free time or barely any yes, but i know that this time is fleeting. My babies are growing fast and my youngest is crawling and sitting on his own, soon he will walk and you know i was there for every one of their steps and falls and i am blessed to have that opportunity. Not everyone gets that chance, i understand that there are moms that either have to work or chose to work. I don’t disagree with that, but i don’t chose that lifestyle. Watching the show helps me see that i am not perfect and shows me that others aren’t perfect either. It is always good for a laugh since i know that the show probably exaggerates certain parts of their lifestyle (and in some cases i REALLY hope that they do).

Is there a show that is a guilty pleasure for you?