PTA another group I can’t break into

For me participating in my son’s school activities is very important to me. I want to be as involved as i can in his and when the others are in school their classrooms as well. I make it a point to volunteer for field day and any other school activities that i can and that i can swing getting someone to watch the other boys for. What i don’t understand is how to break into this apparently elite group, the PTA. I pay my dues and am a member, go to meetings, but i tell ya, i have a better chance of snagging a date with George Clooney then getting someone to notice that hey i am trying to get involved over HERE!

What do i need to do to get them to notice that i want to be an active member of the PTA? I have 4 boys and am just beginning this school journey so i think that i will be with them for a long LONG time.

Any clues or hints from you moms out there?


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