Archive | August 2009

I spend a vast amount of time picking up toys. Anyone else out there have this problem? I often wonder why women walk upright as we spend i bet 80% of the day picking up the various toys that are scattered like breadcrumbs throughout the house. It isn’t as if i will lose them if they don’t leave this elaborate trail, but they feel the need to leave it nonetheless. You times this trail by three since technically the fourth one just leaves a trail of slime and baby food…aahh the cutting of teeth what a joy you are.

I will never fully understand the love that my boys have for each day coming downstairs and systematically taking apart every toy chest that we have. I am also amazed that this meticulous ability does not transfer over into picking up the toys and putting them back. You see this action seems to not work. I think it is genetic as their father exhibits a similiar trait in the area of his socks and the floor.

So my day involves going around to the various piles and screeching to pick them up only to met with looks of confusion each time. One day i will get through or i will snap and they will see a cubix full of Matchbox cars hurtling through space. Mark my words folks, i will not be picking these things up forever… I won’t right?