Et tu Vacuum?

Today was hot here, i mean super hot and muggy. These are the days that the boys normally want to spend outside while i wilt in the oppressive heat and moisture, however today they were happy to stay inside and play. That might be due in part to the bribing with stickers, i can’t say for sure.

My Dyson vacuum that i love above all other vacuums has succumbed to the vacuum curse that lives in this house. We have the canister model and the hose that travels from the canister to the back of the handle has pretty much torn off. I have no idea how this happened and am not super excited about it. I vacuum pretty much every day, with boys it is the only way to stay ahead of the game. So after much harping on my end, M has called Dyson (as the oh and holy Best Buy does not offer a warranty for this product ~that is billed as guarenteed not to break HA~, but Dyson offers a full warranty for 5 years) and they are sending us a new hose. YEAH I was worried that it would be like the Best Buy deal on vacuums, where you take them in to service and hear nothing for weeks and are then told they can’t fix it come in and get a new one and repeat for the next several years. Hopefully it doesn’t take long, we are going out of town to the in laws on Friday and i haven’t been able to vacuum in two days. I am SUFFERING people. The boys need to live in bubbles so i can look at them without thinking of the dirt they are tracking through the house.


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