Summer Birthdays

My friend and i were sharing a quick moment at the sink while waiting for her much needed coffee to brew and were sharing stories of birthday parties. We both have kids that have birthdays during the summer and while we love our children, having a birthday party in the summer just sucks. You would think not and that it would be the easiest thing to plan, what with it being warm enough to just hold it by the nearest basin of water. Think about it though, summer is when families do things together, away from home, quite often. This mostly means that 99% of the children invited to summer birthday parties will be out of town or busy. That is quite hard to explain to a now 6 yr old.

We could call around to his friends and find out a date that works better for them, but then that is really no guarentee that they will come. Let’s face it life happens regardless of the season and i want my child to have a great birthday party. Here are some of the things that we did in order to ensure a little better turn out then prior years. I hope that this helps some of you with summer birthdays:

1) Deliver invitations for school friends close to the end of school so that they have something to plan for or around at the beginning of the summer. my son was in Kindergarten this past year and we handed invitations out during the last week of school, this worked out well as it was fresh on people’s minds when planning the beach trip.

2) Try scheduling the party the weekend before or after a holiday, or the first weekend after year round school starts. People are more likely to be in town at these times.

3) Let people know if you are planning on having a pool or water related party and make sure you are prepared to provide towels if needed for all the kids coming to the party. Very few people will be happy to show up to a party where everyone is playing in the pool and they have come unprepared.

4) Use your online outlets to your advantage. I post the event on my Facebook and Twitter accounts and make sure to update my CafeMom page and my blog since many of my local friends read that as well. This keeps the event fresh in everyone’s minds.

I would love to hear any of your ideas on how to encourage a good turn out for your child’s summer birthday party. I hope that these tips help someone with their party.


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