Farm Town, anyone?

Those of you that follow me on Twitter (can i say wow there are a lot of you and a lot that i don’t recognize!) know that i have a new obsession. I am in LOVE with Facebook’s application Farm Town. Wow is this game addicting. I love the mindlessness of it all and how scary it is that i could play this thing all the time. I have gotten my sister addicted to it as well. What’s not to love about a game where you send animals and trees to your neighbors, plow and harvest crops and harvest other peoples crops for coins. Sounds fascinating doesn’t it?

I enjoy it so much that i have quadrupled the size of my farm. Now it takes forever for my farm to load up. I love how the animals all do different things and how it looks like the dogs follow your avatar around. The only thing that i would change is the speed. The server gets so bogged down with the number of people playing and your avatar starts moving at the slowest possible speed. It is so frustrating. I would say that it is my connection, but i have one of the fastest connections possible and no other game runs like this. Plus there are many people that talk about the speed of the game in the forum offered. I think to it would be fun if there were more things to do in terms of your crops or maybe the chickens could lay eggs or the cows could give milk to make the game more interactive. However, for the time being the game is fun and super addictive!

Yes i know it sounds a bit lame, but trust me it is fun.

Join Farm Town today and add me as your neighbor!


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