I am quite possibly one of the pickiest people EVER when it comes to lotions and scents. I don’t like most perfumes because they just don’t smell right. I like my scents to match and i am the type of person who needs a couple of scents to match the many moods i go through. Now i personally love Clinque’s Happy and am fortunate that my sister works for them so i get a bang up deal on this product including lotion and body wash.

Now i am not always in a “Happy” mood and sometimes find myself needing some options. I love the smell of vanilla and pumpkin spice and cinnamon…ahh the smells of the holidays and baking, what a SURPRISE! Not really. Bath and Body Works does offer some great fragrance combinations, but if you are like me you are attracted to the scents that are special editions and will be gone forever!!! I loved Flowering Blossoms, BAM they discontinued it. I loved Spiced Pumpkin, special edition (although i bought quite a bit of it and still have some left). Since they are a little bit pricey for a girl that has four boys and an enoromous grocery bill, i had to find some other options. Well i fell in love with the Vanilla Oatmeal by Johnson & Johnson, yes the baby wash and lotion. Hey i have a baby and it is only natural for me to look at this stuff. But i was missing something citrusy, i love citrusy smells like grapefruit and oranges.

Then when shopping in the Walmart i found it, and wow it was a great smell and so different from what i have (including the hundreds of bottles lodged under my sink that are destined never to be used or thrown away). I bought it and i took it home and WOW what great coverage. I didn’t need to use half as much as the other lotions i had and it was only $5.00! You can’t beat that. My skin is so soft and i can smell the stuff hours after i put it on. It was a dream come true. Then i read the bottle one day and almost died.

It was conditioner, folks. Dove’s new energizing conditioner in Grapefruit. But you know what, i am still using it as lotion because my skin has never felt better or manageable!


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