When i started blogging i thought it would be a great way to share crafts i do, discuss things in the world and keep the ability to write in complete sentences. My original blog, Pharlap Wonders, was created and is still something that i update, although not as much as i should. At this point, blogging was really taking off in the crafting community as well as the mommy community. The people that read my blog really weren’t into all the family stuff and so this blog was created. I never imagined that the people that read this blog would be real people (ok i KNOW you are real, but you know)that i actually in real life know. I don’t know why it should surprise me, there are just so many people out there that communicate through their blogs with so many. For the most part this is why i don’t share some of the issues that i deal with on a personal level. I think M would be less than thrilled to have one of our friends to ask how our problem with such and such was that we read on your blog. I think i would be banned from typing.

M doesn’t read my blog, at least not to my knowledge. He isn’t big on blogs and not too much on reading what is going on in my life. It may seem callous to say that, but it is the honest truth. We are both very independent people that happen to be married. Most people think that this would change when you get married, but when you live a certain way for so long, it is hard to change. In some cases you don’t want to change. My blog is a way for me to talk about most of the things that M could care less about. In addition to this blog, i twitter. While M says that the people i talk to via tweeting and blogging aren’t real friends, i disagree. When you read things about a person’s life and e-mail/tweet this person they do become real friends. It doesn’t matter that you have never met this person face to face, they are still real. Anyway i disagree with him, but that is how it is most of the time lately.

Blogging for me is a great way to just get out a lot of the jumble that occupies my head. Whether it makes sense or not, doesn’t matter. It is my blog and i can confuse you if i want to. 🙂


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