Things I Missed About Being at Work

Being back at work is rather like finding an old comfortable piece sweater or robe. It fits in all the right places, and while it may be less than perfect it is comforting how it still feels the same. This is alot like my job. Here are some of the things i missed about working:

* Being able to pee without having someone offer to help me wipe.
* Being able to eat a meal while it is still warm and only occasionally do i have to help clean up a mess.
* Uninterrupted internet (oh well except when i am working on an issue)
* Adult humor normally involving bodily functions and crude language (we are a crude bunch just riding the line until someone sends us to H.R.)
* Conversation that does not involve me having to use small words and brief easy to understand sentences.
* Candy (these people live for sugar)
* Sense of purpose that also pays money (if only being a mother paid as well)
* Being treated with respect


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