Hi Ho Hi Ho it’s off to work i go

After weeks and weeks of fighting a senseless and head-bangingly frustrating battle, i am going back into work tonight. I ust cannot exist anymore with money. While the people that handle my disability benefits claim it is my doctor’s office and my doctor’s office claim it is the benefits people, i am stuck inthe middle of this hair pulling battle with nary a penny to my name. Since the kids enjoy eating and i enjoy the luxury of a vehicle to take kids to school and to go work, i am dragging myself wounded back into work.

While i am pretty much good to go from the C-Section (after 4 there is literally no feeling from teh belly button down), i still have the nice little area that blew open post surgery. And hello a little warning would of been nice there! While the benefits company states i shouldn’t return to work, this is covered and you will be paid and blah blah. I see no money and not one of the people i talk to are volunteering their paychecks so that we can eat something other than peanut butter and ramen.

So strap yourselves in boys because i am coming back and i am SO not looking forward to trading my four boys for the 15 men (boys) i work with.


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