To put it plainly after four kids, my body is pure wreaked. I know that i have addressed this in one or more ways on this blog. I am not sure i am wanting you to sympathize or just fix it for me. I am surrounded by women who have all had 50 lb babies and proceeded to shrink back to their 90 lb form with nary a stretch mark or saggy skin. Something is funny in the water here and while i am chugging it like a frat boy at his first kegger, i am just not reaping the rewards.

I can say that right now i am not actively pursuing the exercise route only and i say only because my body has drawn a line in the sand. That line is all that is keeping my sleep deprived self from falling face first into a coma as i have not had more than 3 hours of sleep since high school. My doctor while spouting how amazed he is that i continue to defy medical science and live on such little sleep (really he should be praising all that is that i can rub two brain cells together and dress myself), he feels that it is also going to prevent me from losing weight. Great nothing like finding out the job that is helping keep a roof over my head is also one of the causes in my body looking like a crash test dummy that has been put through a few. But hey for a mere $40K i can have the “Mommy Lift” and have my tummy tucked back into body and my boobs put near my head instead of at my knees where they have lived since nursing said lard babies for a year apiece. As much as i love that idea i don’t have that money to put into a body that we all know i will only wreck with bread and pasta because YUM!

I do however, plan on getting back into riding and training and if i want to have a horse carry me instead of it being the other way around, i am going to have to remove said ass from the couch and get to it. Now anyone want to send that memo to my brain because i just can’t seem to get it to take my calls.


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