Clutter is only one way to put it

My house is a box filled to the brim with clutter. Now to ask M, most of the clutter is mine. Not true, a lot of the clutter is mine and a lot of it is the boys. M contributes to the clutter in the form of buying everything to support his beloved Redskins, whom manage to disappoint him each and every single year. Football season is just an excuse men have to go through PMS for no reason at all. And it sucks.

For me i have compartments of clutter. I have the craft clutter which i blog about in a completely different place. I have the kitchen clutter in which i create yummy mounds of food that i will be excited about right up until i have to actually eat them. Then i want nothing to do with it because i am suddenly sick to my stomach at the thought of putting this stuff into my mouth. Don’t ask me why, but i am reduced to eating bread and pasta and cheese all the time. I can tell you that this is not a preferred dietary measure and will, i repeat, will cause you to retain all weight gained during pregnancies.

My las compartment of clutter is books. I have books for myself and books that i am collecting for the kids because i know, i just KNOW that they will love books like i do and want to have them forever. Right now they love books, but think of them more as a food group. I cannot tell you how much that pains me since i am an avid member of the “Don’t Bend the Spine” club. Card carrying member for 20+ years. I have spent more than one weekend with a stack of books taller then myself and a comfy couch and nothing made me happier. This was all before kids,since now the only reading i do is while i am on the move. Walking around the house or cleaning one of the piles of crap up in the house. It is funny to watch the boys as they pick up on some of my harmless quirks. They now will gather things up and walk about distributing these things to different areas, not normally where they belong, but still so like me. I am constantly relocating things to their proper location, it is a constant battle since things seem to have a mind of their own. Often times i will catch my 2 yr old sitting down “reading” his books in a rare moment of quiet. Usually it is the calm before the storm as it seems to be a recharging of his battery and he literally flies around after that.

Our clutter is placed in bookcases, cabinets and shelves all around the house. It is funny how we have to HAVE this stuff yet i could count on one hand the number of times i have actually gone for some thing in one of these areas. So why do i HAVE to HAVE it?


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