As i sit here and try to enjoy one of the few remaining days i have before i go back to work, i reminded of how fleeting this time is. That this is my last maternity leave. My last baby. My last time to be someone’s whole world for a little while. It is sad really.

I got my tubes tied with this last baby and it wasn’t a decision i fully supported. However, M was completely 100% against having any more kids. He wasn’t all to thrilled when i shove the pee stick under his nose and said “Guess what?”. At this point he already knew when he saw the dreaded box and would of been happier cleaning the gutters.

I love my maternity leave and how it gives me a chance to sleep at night and be a bit nicer to all that live in the house. Everyone will agree with me here that that is a glorious thing. Only this is it and on the 30th i will return to work and there will be no more maternity leaves. There will also not be any excuse for the stomach i am sporting after having 4 almost 10 pounders partying up in there.

I guess it is time to start looking for clothing that doesn’t involve a belly band and extra fabric at the bottom to cover the tummy. While it may take me a while because as i have said before “I love bread”, i will lose some of this weight. I will get to a point where the clothes that i wear don’t say comfort stretch or no snaps because they cause weird marks on your skin! I will once again be able to shave my legs without involving my spouse. I will tell myself that the skin does snap back, even at my age.

It does, dammit.


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