I spend an embarrassing amount of time reading other people’s blogs. Perhaps i have told you this before, but maybe not. In fact i read so many blogs that i have broken, yes people broken, google reader. They have in fact contacted me and told me that i have WAY too many sites on there and could i please GET A LIFE!

I have always liked to read and from an early age I have always been someone who has read one book a day. Crazy, isn’t it. How is it possible though to read SO much and still not lose one of the children or neglect them. Simply put i am a speed reader. I don’t know quite when i got this skill or perhaps it was self taught out of necessity since i would check out WAY too many books from the library and then have to frantically read them before they were due. I don’t know, but i do actually read all the words just really fast. I know that while some of the finer details are lost, i do in fact remember every book i have ever read. While i may not remember the book from the cover and title, i mean they change covers all the time since nearly everything is being made into a freakin’ movie nowadays. Anyways, i love to read, i mean REALLY love to read and nothing thrilled me more then when i discovered blogs. It was a whole new world to me. I now read over 2,000 blogs a week and while i do not comment on all of them, slows the process down people, i do comment on the ones that move me or make me chuckle. I thought i would share a few of my very favorites that i visit daily and they are quite often the funniest people i have never met in person. I hope you enjoy them and if you wonder if i visit you, just leave me a comment with your blog and i will let you know. I would post the list of blogs i read in google (which i now have two accounts because crap there are a lot of you bloggers out there!), but i fear the wrath of WordPress on listing something as big as that. Just rest assured that i may be looking for a world record in the number of people’s lives i can invade and not know personally. Crazy!

All & Sundry (she literally makes me wet my pants all the time, i don’t know that that would flatter her or not)
Friday Playdate
Moose in the Kitchen
McMommy Chronicles (funny and very personable)
Amalah (I swear she lives me life only with less kids and way more fashionably)


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