Today was blazing hot out. I think someone messed up and turned Summer on and forgot completely about Spring. What happened to the time of year when flowers start to bloom and grass starts coming up. We skipped that and now the flowers are fried and the grass is confused and coming out a mixture of green and brown. I actually pulled out the swim trunks for the boys today and let them play in the sprinklers. Which i should say i set the sprinkler out, turned it on, the neighborhood friends played in it and my boys laughed from the sideline and complained it was hot or that they needed to change because oh no their SWIM TRUNKS are wet. It will be a long summer people, a really long summer. So that was fun! or not i don’t care because i am in desperate need of a shower or just someone to throw water on me.

See that smirk on J’s face (the one on the left), anyone know how to get him to STOP DOING THAT?? That and the ANNOYING back talking and attitude makes me crazy and i am seriously close to sending him to a grandparents’ house to live before i am more than tempted to super glue his mouth into a more flattering look. I dislike this age and am constantly reminded that it will be worse when he is a teenager, great i am REALLY looking forward to the future now.


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