I spend an obscene amount of time on Facebook, in fact it is border line obsession. Who knew that an application that is less trashy than that “Space” page would be SO appealing. How else am i supposed to keep up with friends, people i don’t know but have stalked for years and bullies and ex-boyfriends to see how “well” they have turned out. Yeah right, more like to check up on the bullet i may have dodged. I spend a ton of time on facebook communicating with my friends that live in other states and what is weird is that e-mail would work the same as Facebook, but i think Facebook is a little more personal. Not only can i message my friends, but i can look at their daily thoughts without having to send the “how are you doing?” message. Really cool. Boy this sounds a lot like a p.r. stunt for Facebook, i promise it is not, more like just me spouting my love for something and sounding like a dork. I am super good at that.


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