Today you are 2!


Today you are 2 years old my little boy. You are the happiest, most curious, playful boy to grace our house. You are always full of laughter and smiles for everyone you know. You have an intense love for your ba-ba, that blanket has been more places then anything else in the house. You are full of adventure and fun and have an intense desire for your brothers to pay attention to you. You want to be such a big boy and struggle to do things that your brothers do.
Don’t rush to grow up little boy. Stay little for just a bit longer. You will be big soon enough and i will miss the way that you crawl into my lap with ba-ba when you are tired and rest there.

I love you little man, today you turn 2 years old and have so much to show for it.



One thought on “Today you are 2!

  1. What cute pictures! He is a cutie! Time flies by for us as moms doesn’t it??

    Thanks for visitng my blog! Your blog is cute, with some fun stories on it! I’ll be back!

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