Butterfly Bash

Today we took the boys and our neighbor’s daughter to the Museum of Life and Science for the Butterfly Bash that they had going on. There were exhibits with games, activities, crafts and the “I Ate a Bug” Club. I honestly thought it would only take us about an hour and a half, two tops. We were there for almost 4 hours. I have found now that i am done having kids, i am really looking forward to “doing” things with the kids. In the past we went to things and looked at stuff, i was never really interested in doing much with them. I don’t know what has changed, but i am way more interested now than ever. So in addition to watching my sister try to put on a brave face for her daughter by holding a tarantula, which the guy who owned him was super funny and not excited about my sister holding his pet. Especially after giving the all spiders have fangs and can bite spiel to which she told him that she would squash said beloved pet. Yeah he was jumping to let her hold the spider. She did it and explained that she didn’t want her daughter to have the same phobias as she did simply because my sister had them. I realize something then, this is true for me as well. Not that i am worried because my fear of spiders is valid since we seem to live smack in the middle of black widow and big honking jumping and laugh at the raid spider territory. They can be scared of them and i won’t feel bad AT ALL. However, i do not want them to have negative attitudes towards social events or be afraid to embarrass themselves by trying something new. Let’s face it folks i am a very social person from my house. I love my neighbors and spend a lot of time with them. I love to blog and interact through Facebook with my friends. When it comes to getting out of the house and doing things, let’s just say that has been severely lacking in my part over the last several years. Aside from shopping and the occasional must go visit the in-laws, i really never leave the comfort of the nest. I don’t want this for the boys, i want them to want to go and do things and i do see some signs of me in all of them.

I am not afraid to try new things, however you have to get me out of the house in order to try said new things. So lately i have been on a crusade of sorts it seems to get everyone out of the house and wear them out! It has been fun and the boys are getting to see new things. It was funny to see J’s face when they started giving facts about the bugs take on this blank look that he seems to get when learning is involved. *sigh* He is a bright boy, but his teachers would never know it considering the absolute lack of interest he has in hearing facts.

It was a great day complete with all of the boys eating bugs (Ian would not stop and in fact seems to prefer them over my cooking, although he has a great love of mulch as well) and M eating them as well. They filmed it and will be posting the video on their website soon. This time even though i thought some of the activities were cheesy, i encouraged the kids to do them and they really enjoyed it. It was a great experience for me and them. I got an airbrushing which was to last for 3-5 days and came off in the shower and the neighbor girl (who is pretty much an adopted member of the family as she travels with us everywhere) got a half of a butterfly painted on her face. From there since it was already WAY past lunch time and creeping through nap time we went to a Red Robin, since M and i had never eaten there. It was fun and we all stumbled home for naps (parents more so than the kids) and to take a break from the sun. We were back out playing with the neighbors 2 hours later. I don’t know where the kids get their energy from, but i did not have it and was super happy to have everyone in bed for the night.


One thought on “Butterfly Bash

  1. Stopping by from SITS! Good for you on getting out – I find myself being a hermit too and my son is getting older and getting out now is a good habit to get into… but it’s an effort for sure. 🙂 and there is NO WAY I will hold a spider so that my son doesn’t develop the fear, if anything mine will appear so irrational he’ll just think I’m nuts and ignore my irrational overreaction to spiders ::shudder::

    Have a great week.

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