Is there a spring break for mothers? There’s not? Well there should be. I am exhausted i have spent a ton of time doing about a million different things with the boys. We had a blast at the Zoo, Aquarium, Marbles, museums and shopping, lots of shopping! I spent a lot of time just trying to really get some quality time with each of the boys. During our school schedule i have so many things i am trying to get done during the day and i am finding that they are growing into such neat people and i am missing out. It is hard to keep the house going and spend time with each boy. I am finding that i am willing to let the house go and spend time writing, coloring, glueing, etc with the boys because i will never get this time back. I certainly can’t have another one now.

We did a ton of crafts in regards to Easter and the boys did no less than 4 easter egg hunts that day and we didn’t leave the neighborhood. It was really nice though to hang out and spend time with the neighbors. The weather was great and i am finding that i am relaxing on my OCD-ness about the house. So what if my house isn’t prefect like all the other neighbors, i have found my inner child and she wants to play with stickers! However, she also wants a nap because WOW these boys have a ton of energy.


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