Like a lot of mothers out there i spend a lot of time cooking meals in my kitchen. Most of what we eat is organic and the kids eat a lot of low sugar or no sugar for their reflux. Cooking at least two meals a day, also means that there are a ton of leftovers. I am sure that like a lot of kids, it takes many, many, many tries before an “acceptable to eat” verdict is declared. We use the “two bite” rule. Everything must be tried on the plate. Two bites minimum for everything, so that at least they have eat some of a new food. Our boys are pretty good about sticking to this rule, although my oldest has gotten rather sneaky in trying to get out of it. He will wait until i am busy getting the baby changed and his plate will go into the trash. Ahh 5 year olds are SO much fun!

Leftovers in my house only get eaten by one person, my husband, M. M has decided that he doesn’t want a big dinner on the days that he works as he is eating out everyday and is normally eating a lot of food. Ok fine with me, however this means that the leftovers are going uneaten. Great. Now i do try to not make as much, really i do, but i think that i was meant to be a cook in a much bigger family. My sister comes over three times a week and i normally give her all of the leftovers, since she isn’t as keen on cooking as i am. I do love to cook! (and eat!)

In reading back on this post, i am thinking it may of been best left in the bin itself.


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