When i started keeping this blog, i thought i would keep it strictly for mommy things. My kids have set fire to the couch or dyed the dog’s hair purple, those types of things. As i have gone along though i have found that i want this to be more of an all encompassing blog. One that i can talk about my personal problems as well as things the kids do and share recipes and/or school stuff that i think is useful. A sharing blog because i like to share.

I need a place that i can sit down and write my feelings about anything, and i am just incapable of keeping up with more than two blogs at a time. My craft blog is currently in limbo because i am just unable to actually pick up a camera and take a picture of anything i complete. I totally rock in that area. Good thing my etsy business totally relies on pictures of what i make in order to work. This would explain why the shop is currently empty and the stuff i need to get sold is sitting in a cabinet collecting dust. I pick up a camera now and i take pictures of the new baby or the boys doing something cute or unbelievable.

I hope that through this blog i can redevelop my writing skills and loosen up and become a little more appealing to a wider group of readers. For now though, Hello to the two people that read me! Thanks for coming by and checking in on me.


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