Home or school or…


My neighbor is struggling with a dilemma that i am just unable to help her with. While i like to think that i know quite about the pros and cons of public school vs homeschooling, having done HOURS upon DAYS upon MONTHS on research on this subject. I am just not thrilled with how the public school has been attempting to handle J and his speech issues. While i believe that he needs the public environment in order to overcome the social issues that he has, the public school system is starting to curtail what he will be taught in the up and coming years. I don’t want him to be limited on what he is taught and i want all of my boys to want to learn everything. For this reason i am looking at adding a homeschooling curriculum into the home. We have the time for it, why if you turn off the TV every day you will notice how the day seems much longer. No? Maybe that is just me. 🙂 Not only will this encourage J to learn different things, but his brothers are fast coming of school age. D is only 3 and he knows the whole alphabet, can count to 20, write three, four and words like “Umbrella” and “Elephant”. He is learning math now and all of this he is teaching to himself with the benefit of the workbooks that we have here at home. So i am encouraged that i may not suck at helping the boys learn something.

Oh yes, my neighbor and her problem. Well she has two boys and the older one has Asperger’s Syndrome and is a high functioning Autistic. However, he is over-stimulated in the classroom and is being written up for things that are part of his syndrome. Most of this is due to the teachers that are in the school system are just not given enough tools to deal with someone like him. He is a sweet boy and is in 3rd grade, but he is regressing at this point after all that the school year has done to him and the level of anxiety he is dealing with. My friend is at her wits end, she spent a long time getting him to a level in which he would be able to handle school for the most part and is now looking to take him out of public school. The teachers are very over worked and they are not given enough help or training to help them deal with special children. I am seeing this as well with J and his issues. They just want to hold J back until he “catches” up when that isn’t the problem, he can do the work and is doing it some, but he isn’t functioning like all the other kids. He may never be like all the children and i never expect him to be like someone else. My friend does not either.

She is looking into homeschooling and dear internet i could really use some help as to some websites that would be great information tools for homeschooling a child with autism. Please realize that she knows that he does need to be socialized, but right now if he continues to go to public school he will only regress further and exhibit more symptoms. He does socialize and she will do everything she can to keep him involved with other kids i have no doubt about that. She is working towards helping him live a life outside of the home when he is older and she is determined enough to make it happen. I believe that she knows what is best for her child and she is really struggling with finding support in homeschooling a child with Autism. She has so many questions and is tired of being told that she is doing the wrong thing when she sees that public school isn’t helping right now.

Please let me know of anything that i might be able to use to help her. Thanks!


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