Ahoy Danger Ahead!

There are times in peoples lives when things befall them that they really have no control over. Inevitably though it causes some people to veer from them like a stray dog. It is as if people believe the bad things happening to this poor person may somehow rub off on them, therefore making them miserable as well. Contrary to the popular believe, misery does not always love company or at least those in misery would prefer the company of those who indeed have their best interests at heart.

While i am still not ready to talk about what is exactly happening over here, i can tell you that the few people that i have told about it, are veering from me like i am a pair of cement shoes in the ocean. I understand that people may not understand quite how to support someone during these times and that they feel at a loss for words. I get that, i have been there. However, avoiding me like i will take you down with me is not exactly what i am looking for. I don’t mind if the only thing you know how to do or what to say is not even on the subject, sometimes it is nice to have a break from the misery in our lives. Just to know that there is someone there with a healthy shoulder to cry on, even if it can’t fix the problem for you. Perhaps the problem is that i don’t rely on my friends much for comfort, often times we are all busy in our lives. A lot of time our only contact during the year is via e-mail or voicemail. We have totally gotten comfortable with technology and it has replaced human contact for the most part. I for one, having just gotten a Blackberry can barely raise my head from checking my e-mail to look at the road. Oh yes i am one of those, but the novelty will wear off soon i promise and then i will just be sidewiping you because i am a sucky driver.

I have had most of my friends since i moved to this state and looking back it is a miracle these people have stuck with me. I have been through some truly hideous times and even more embarrassing fashion lacking days. These people have been there every step of the way, whether in the foreground or the back ground they have stuck by me. I will be forever in their debt for this. I have been very lucky to have so many friends that truly know me.

But still i feel a bit like they are looking to avoid being hit by the bad times bus because i could use a bit of encouragement right now.


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