Take Me Away

Do you notice how there are a ton of T.V. shows with strong females in them, shooting and fighting it out with the rest of them. I love seeing shows with a strong female role model, however, i am becoming increasingly turned off by all the cussing and use of sex to get people to watch the shows. I find that these shows are not what i want my kids watching and not what i want them to bring home in the future as dates. I know that as technology gets more advanced, the networks have to appeal to what the kids are watching, but in turn don’t they also know that they can turn the tide from all the sex and violence to something with morals?

I want my sons to find a strong female, but i want her to have a good moral base and not feel like she has to use inappropriate language to look cool. I can already see that my sons take after their mother and buck the trend and don’t tend to follow blindly along with others. I like that they exert their independence and make their own decision even if it means doing the opposite of what their peers are doing. This will be good for them in the those times in which a beer funnel is being introduced to the party or something illegal is brought out to play. Boys will be boys is a phrase that i hear a lot when people find out that i have four boys. That may be the case, but i my boys will understand that they will be held responsible for their actions and that those actions may impact others in a negative way.

These strong women that society is impacting and help form seem to lack a few values that i find important in life. I think that my boys are lucky to grow up in a time that is finally depicting women as strong, independent individuals, capable of handling the multiple challenges that life throws at them. I just hope that along the way they are also being shown the values to help them grow into wonderful well-rounded women.

Would it kill a network producer to have one woman, who has multiple children, to have to go pee once and a while? I mean if these shows are supposed to imply real life, i for one have to pee…ALOT!


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