5 year olds are really teenagers in disguise, right?

My oldest has always struggled with his speech. Since being in Kindergarten he has really blossomed and started talking in complete sentences and using phrases he should of been saying years ago. We were super excited about this as years of speech therapy have really been taking a toll on the family. Not to say that he is out of the woods yet, and at this rate his younger brothers will all be talking worlds better than their mother. Ahh the benefits of speech therapy by proxy. My excitement soon changed when J started imitating his best friend and soon learned to imitate his attitude as well. Now i have a 5 year old that is ready to take on the world and beat them up. His mouth knows no boundaries and he cannot be restrained by any rules. He is above the rules and this is something that his friend encourages. I shudder to think of the future. Somedays i look at this child and wonder where my sweet baby went and long for the days where he didn’t speak much.

Punishment is a hard word to use, but there is nothing that seems to rein in this new found word explosion he has going on. I really try to get him to understand that we need to respect each other and listen in the house, but i tell ya I am really thinking “Shut up!”. *sigh* Parenting just isn’t what i thought it would be.


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