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Ultimate Blog Party 2009

Everyday is a crazy day when you are in our household. We seem to spend a lot of time doing things and getting nothing done. Anyone else feel like this? I am forever wondering why i bother to stand upright since i spend an awful lot of time bending over and picking up the thousands of foot piercing toys that lay around just waiting for me to find them. Ever notice that if you lose a particularly sharp piece of a game or toy that you are sure to have it sticking out of your foot sooner or later? Recently i find myself obsessed with not losing any pieces of puzzles or games, i know it is a losing battle. Why do boys have an obsession with taking one piece of a game (usually the smallest piece) and carrying it around until they find another piece to replace it with or lose it? Of course if they lose it then they most likely will have a fit until you find said object, which will be described as that blue thing or the circley piece, i mean really mom haven’t you been paying attention?

Somedays i think that while i was present during the day in body, my mind may not have been with me. I find myself rarely remembering a thing that i did all day, yet the dishes are done, kids fed and house is in a semi-wrecked state. I think i go into auto-pilot when i get really tired and stay there for all of my waking hours. It would explain why i can’t seem to write a coherent post to save my life or upload any pictures on my laptop of child #3 or #4. So sad really. There are a ton of people that i owe Thank you cards to, birthday cards and baby announcements. I am only promising to get the baby announcements out by the time #4 turns 1. I think that is acceptable, right?


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