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Like a lot of mothers out there i spend a lot of time cooking meals in my kitchen. Most of what we eat is organic and the kids eat a lot of low sugar or no sugar for their reflux. Cooking at least two meals a day, also means that there are a ton of leftovers. I am sure that like a lot of kids, it takes many, many, many tries before an “acceptable to eat” verdict is declared. We use the “two bite” rule. Everything must be tried on the plate. Two bites minimum for everything, so that at least they have eat some of a new food. Our boys are pretty good about sticking to this rule, although my oldest has gotten rather sneaky in trying to get out of it. He will wait until i am busy getting the baby changed and his plate will go into the trash. Ahh 5 year olds are SO much fun!

Leftovers in my house only get eaten by one person, my husband, M. M has decided that he doesn’t want a big dinner on the days that he works as he is eating out everyday and is normally eating a lot of food. Ok fine with me, however this means that the leftovers are going uneaten. Great. Now i do try to not make as much, really i do, but i think that i was meant to be a cook in a much bigger family. My sister comes over three times a week and i normally give her all of the leftovers, since she isn’t as keen on cooking as i am. I do love to cook! (and eat!)

In reading back on this post, i am thinking it may of been best left in the bin itself.



Like many people out there i have an account with Twitter. Now i have spent a lot of time posting to it and i am still absolutely confused on how this works. I have quite a few people that i follow and maybe that is the problem. I have a lot of people that i follow, yet i still haven’t mustered up the courage to actually interact with these people. Twittering for me is a lot like approaching the popular group in high school. You hover around the sidelines and listen to the stuff being said, laugh at the funny jokes, but the times you speak you feel like you are never heard.


When i started keeping this blog, i thought i would keep it strictly for mommy things. My kids have set fire to the couch or dyed the dog’s hair purple, those types of things. As i have gone along though i have found that i want this to be more of an all encompassing blog. One that i can talk about my personal problems as well as things the kids do and share recipes and/or school stuff that i think is useful. A sharing blog because i like to share.

I need a place that i can sit down and write my feelings about anything, and i am just incapable of keeping up with more than two blogs at a time. My craft blog is currently in limbo because i am just unable to actually pick up a camera and take a picture of anything i complete. I totally rock in that area. Good thing my etsy business totally relies on pictures of what i make in order to work. This would explain why the shop is currently empty and the stuff i need to get sold is sitting in a cabinet collecting dust. I pick up a camera now and i take pictures of the new baby or the boys doing something cute or unbelievable.

I hope that through this blog i can redevelop my writing skills and loosen up and become a little more appealing to a wider group of readers. For now though, Hello to the two people that read me! Thanks for coming by and checking in on me.

Home or school or…


My neighbor is struggling with a dilemma that i am just unable to help her with. While i like to think that i know quite about the pros and cons of public school vs homeschooling, having done HOURS upon DAYS upon MONTHS on research on this subject. I am just not thrilled with how the public school has been attempting to handle J and his speech issues. While i believe that he needs the public environment in order to overcome the social issues that he has, the public school system is starting to curtail what he will be taught in the up and coming years. I don’t want him to be limited on what he is taught and i want all of my boys to want to learn everything. For this reason i am looking at adding a homeschooling curriculum into the home. We have the time for it, why if you turn off the TV every day you will notice how the day seems much longer. No? Maybe that is just me. 🙂 Not only will this encourage J to learn different things, but his brothers are fast coming of school age. D is only 3 and he knows the whole alphabet, can count to 20, write three, four and words like “Umbrella” and “Elephant”. He is learning math now and all of this he is teaching to himself with the benefit of the workbooks that we have here at home. So i am encouraged that i may not suck at helping the boys learn something.

Oh yes, my neighbor and her problem. Well she has two boys and the older one has Asperger’s Syndrome and is a high functioning Autistic. However, he is over-stimulated in the classroom and is being written up for things that are part of his syndrome. Most of this is due to the teachers that are in the school system are just not given enough tools to deal with someone like him. He is a sweet boy and is in 3rd grade, but he is regressing at this point after all that the school year has done to him and the level of anxiety he is dealing with. My friend is at her wits end, she spent a long time getting him to a level in which he would be able to handle school for the most part and is now looking to take him out of public school. The teachers are very over worked and they are not given enough help or training to help them deal with special children. I am seeing this as well with J and his issues. They just want to hold J back until he “catches” up when that isn’t the problem, he can do the work and is doing it some, but he isn’t functioning like all the other kids. He may never be like all the children and i never expect him to be like someone else. My friend does not either.

She is looking into homeschooling and dear internet i could really use some help as to some websites that would be great information tools for homeschooling a child with autism. Please realize that she knows that he does need to be socialized, but right now if he continues to go to public school he will only regress further and exhibit more symptoms. He does socialize and she will do everything she can to keep him involved with other kids i have no doubt about that. She is working towards helping him live a life outside of the home when he is older and she is determined enough to make it happen. I believe that she knows what is best for her child and she is really struggling with finding support in homeschooling a child with Autism. She has so many questions and is tired of being told that she is doing the wrong thing when she sees that public school isn’t helping right now.

Please let me know of anything that i might be able to use to help her. Thanks!

Did i say that?

Hello Kharma, it’s me. I don’t know if you are busy at the moment, but could you maybe take five seconds to stop bitch-slapping me this year? I think you have done well to make 2009 one of the top 2 worse years…EVER. Is there maybe something else you could do for a while and leave me be, i believe i have had my fill.

Thank you and goodnight.

Yes folks still being beaten with the bad luck stick. J now has strep throat and we have been guaranteed that it will befall at lease tow more kids and myself. I am SUPER lucky that way.

Ahoy Danger Ahead!

There are times in peoples lives when things befall them that they really have no control over. Inevitably though it causes some people to veer from them like a stray dog. It is as if people believe the bad things happening to this poor person may somehow rub off on them, therefore making them miserable as well. Contrary to the popular believe, misery does not always love company or at least those in misery would prefer the company of those who indeed have their best interests at heart.

While i am still not ready to talk about what is exactly happening over here, i can tell you that the few people that i have told about it, are veering from me like i am a pair of cement shoes in the ocean. I understand that people may not understand quite how to support someone during these times and that they feel at a loss for words. I get that, i have been there. However, avoiding me like i will take you down with me is not exactly what i am looking for. I don’t mind if the only thing you know how to do or what to say is not even on the subject, sometimes it is nice to have a break from the misery in our lives. Just to know that there is someone there with a healthy shoulder to cry on, even if it can’t fix the problem for you. Perhaps the problem is that i don’t rely on my friends much for comfort, often times we are all busy in our lives. A lot of time our only contact during the year is via e-mail or voicemail. We have totally gotten comfortable with technology and it has replaced human contact for the most part. I for one, having just gotten a Blackberry can barely raise my head from checking my e-mail to look at the road. Oh yes i am one of those, but the novelty will wear off soon i promise and then i will just be sidewiping you because i am a sucky driver.

I have had most of my friends since i moved to this state and looking back it is a miracle these people have stuck with me. I have been through some truly hideous times and even more embarrassing fashion lacking days. These people have been there every step of the way, whether in the foreground or the back ground they have stuck by me. I will be forever in their debt for this. I have been very lucky to have so many friends that truly know me.

But still i feel a bit like they are looking to avoid being hit by the bad times bus because i could use a bit of encouragement right now.

Take Me Away

Do you notice how there are a ton of T.V. shows with strong females in them, shooting and fighting it out with the rest of them. I love seeing shows with a strong female role model, however, i am becoming increasingly turned off by all the cussing and use of sex to get people to watch the shows. I find that these shows are not what i want my kids watching and not what i want them to bring home in the future as dates. I know that as technology gets more advanced, the networks have to appeal to what the kids are watching, but in turn don’t they also know that they can turn the tide from all the sex and violence to something with morals?

I want my sons to find a strong female, but i want her to have a good moral base and not feel like she has to use inappropriate language to look cool. I can already see that my sons take after their mother and buck the trend and don’t tend to follow blindly along with others. I like that they exert their independence and make their own decision even if it means doing the opposite of what their peers are doing. This will be good for them in the those times in which a beer funnel is being introduced to the party or something illegal is brought out to play. Boys will be boys is a phrase that i hear a lot when people find out that i have four boys. That may be the case, but i my boys will understand that they will be held responsible for their actions and that those actions may impact others in a negative way.

These strong women that society is impacting and help form seem to lack a few values that i find important in life. I think that my boys are lucky to grow up in a time that is finally depicting women as strong, independent individuals, capable of handling the multiple challenges that life throws at them. I just hope that along the way they are also being shown the values to help them grow into wonderful well-rounded women.

Would it kill a network producer to have one woman, who has multiple children, to have to go pee once and a while? I mean if these shows are supposed to imply real life, i for one have to pee…ALOT!