New Beginnings

It is day of new beginnings for the family, as i am coming home from the hospital today with Devin. Not only will there be the new baby for the boys to deal with, there will be me who now has a nice sized hole in her body at one of the incision points from it not healing right, a strained relationship between M and I and M’s parents are coming into town to help out. The help i completely need as I am just drained right now. Because of the baby you ask? Nope because things are not going well between M and I. I don’t really know what i feel comfortable sharing here right now since there are people who read this blog that know us personally. I just haven’t gotten completely comfortable with sharing my entire life on the internet just yet. Give me a few more days and maybe i will be there.

I do know that having a fourth child has not really made a ton of changes for me in terms of dealing with my daily life. Sure now i have a baby to nurse again, more diapers to change and someone who does not have the ability to hold his head up. The boys are surprisingly ok with the new addition to the family. I was very surprised by how ok they are and how, while the new baby coming how hasn’t been a seamless thing, it has been WAY smoother than when #3 came home.

Since i haven’t posted, Devin Sawyer was born February 19th @ 9:38pm, 2 weeks early weighing in at 9lbs 14oz. Both the doctor and i lost the bets on the weight that day. He was early because my blood pressure had gotten so high that i was told to come in on my own or he would send someone to get me. So i packed a bag and organized babysitters and off i went.


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