Every year i set up resolutions and every year i seem to fall short. So this year i am not going to set up resolutions, i am going to set goals that i want to accomplish for the year. Sort of like resolutions, but more geared toward where i want my life to go.

1. Have a healthy baby boy (March 2009)

2. Spend more time with my husband

3. Make an effort to spend individual time with each of my boys so that i learn to appreciate them for the individuals that they are.

4. Eat healthy

5. Lose weight ( i am counting on a 83lb baby)

6. Not stress about the state of the house, so what if my lightbulbs haven’t been dusted in a week (seriously people i live in a neighborhood where people do that and judge you if you don’t)

7. Keep in touch with my friends more

8. Have at least one get together at the house

9. Get a handle on my debt, no way to have it all paid off this year, but i have to get a handle on it.

10. Stop getting stuck in the rut of every day and spend time happy.


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