Every year (Christmas take 2)

Every year i have such great intentions of getting out the 500+ Christmas cards in time, baking cookies, breads, etc for the 50+ people that we can’t afford to give gifts to and to decorate the house in Martha Stewart type fashion while on a K-Mart like budget. Every year i fail miserably and declare that next year will be the year! What actually winds up happening is i barely get out cards to family, i bake cookies and then get really really tired of all the 7-9 minute intervals in which to get anything else done in so I stop short of actually filling a plate,  and keep having children that inevitably each year view the decorations as something to be conquered.  So yup that’s me i suck at getting these things done.

But it isn’t that i don’t love those of you i know personally and that read this blog, it’s all been done this year (in my head 🙂 )


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