Christmas is a-coming

whether i am ready or not. I am happy to say that all the shopping is done and now we move onto the traditional stalemate on who will wrap the mountain of gifts in our closet. My husband and i like to play this every year and most years i lose because i am a true sucker and cannot stand to keep looking at the bags and bags of gifts that should be pretty and wrapped! I do make him wrap for his own family though, i figure if i have to be the one to trudge out and pick out gifts for his family when mostly i feel i would be better off throwing money in the air then he can wrap the blasted things! I will never understand how he feels that since i am female i should automatically know what all the female figures in his family will like. I am batting 0% over here people on giving gifts that i believe that they have kept. Although to be fair they don’t buy things for me that i want either.

Why is it that i have an Amazon list that details all the things that i want and interests i have and then they come back and say, but i didn’t want to get you something off that list, i wanted to get you something that you would like. Huh? So the books and crafts that i really want you opted to forgo in favor of the folk art that i go blind looking at every time. I see… It’s a battle of wills people.

Also my husband and i set a limit for the amount that we spend on the kids, i think it is $75 each. I say i think because he buys exactly $75 worth and then i am supposed to do the shopping for the little things for the stockings. Only i cannot ever resist buying other things because 1) they absolutely NEED this or 2) we didn’t get them enough or 3) really $75? Cheap ass. In hind site his way is the better way because i wind up bankrupting myself and then having to explain how it is that we have 9 million gifts under the tree and he only bought 4 for each boy? You would think though after 5 years he would catch on. I do the same thing with his gift. We set a limit for how much to spend on each other and it is normally set by me because he is surprisingly easy to shop for and i wind up having his gifts bought in June. Of course then Christmas time rolls around and oooohh he needs this or that i HAVE to buy it for him. So i of course again go over the limit. He just thinks that i am inately gifted in finding deals. ppphft if only.

Let’s all be thankful i am not in charge of the household finances.


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