Insomnia anyone?

Is there anything better than working nights, parenting 3 kids and then having the inability to sleep for the few hours a day you can while 29 weeks pregnant (although the doctors are leaning more towards 31 weeks pregnant, baby is HUGE people)? Nope? I agree. The littlest things keep me up or wake me. My youngest has learned that screaming “Mama” at an ear piercing volume will reward him with said mama just to hush him up so that he doesn’t wake his potty training (i.e. stop crapping in your pants) brother. And while i love my youngest dearly after 10 minutes of sleep, i do not love his cute face quite as much at those moments. I would leave him in his crib, but i assure you his calls for me do not lessen and can be heard by the neighbors. But hey he has gotten his nap so all’s good, right?


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