I cannot be the only parent going through this. I know i am not, maybe i am just a little more obsessed about it since it involves oh my child’s health. (Ok not to say that you are in any way not worried about your child’s health. Crap let’s just start over shall we????) In any case, all of my children have reflux and i am not in any way expecting the newest addition to be without this delightful shitastic ailment. It truly sucks, folks. All of my kids have started off on medicine to preserve their mother’s sanity control the reflux and in the case of #2 and #3, two forms of said liquid gold have been prescribed. Now before i get e-mails about dosing my kids randomly or did i know for a fact that they did have reflux, let me say yes…a resounding YES!I know for an absolute fact after a gazillion dollars spent in testing that ALL of my children have reflux and only after the tests did i put them on the medicine. For #2 as he got older his got a little worse for some unknown reason and only after #3 came along with the almighty worst reflux any doctor or surgeon had ever seen, thereby leading them to put him on two forms of eleventy billion dollar medicines to help him live through the day and changing everything in my diet to accommedate him did a light go off that hey #2 would benefit from two of these meds as well. YEAH break out the second mortgage to pay for the medicine because wow while insurance covers some, it is only 60% people. At $211 for each prescription (before insurance pays up) and we get four of them EVERY friggin’ month! I would seriously invest in these companies if i wasn’t already handing over my salary every month. Thank the lord we are almost to the point the #2 only needs 1 of these meds now, just in time for #4 to come along and fill the void!

OK anyway, random and totally down a different road there. In any case, J was born with reflux and we were able to wean him off the medicine at just shy of his second birthday and keep him off with a special diet that all of the kids are on. I spent months researching and talking to nutritionists and doctors about it, fine tuning and finally they just smacked me in the head and i realized that really the things that trigger the reflux the most once they start eatting what others eat were the very things i wanted them to avoid. Trust me it was a real light bulb moment. I can only blame being pregnant again with #2 as the reason my brain worked at less than normal function. So yeah, no more meds and yeah he likes eating all of this organic, low sugar, no fried and no high fructose corn syrup anything foods. Go me!

Then i send him to Kindergarten and in 5 months i have had to speak to his teacher a gazillion times about the candy she keeps giving him DAILY people! Oh and you are denying it? Well how funny you should mention that since you keep a website up so we can see photos from our children’s day and oh look there he is eating a candy bar oh and what is that you suddenly remember that day? I sure hope so lady because i would hate to think i am sending my kid to school to a teacherless classroom although i am not sure you are all there when you are there.  She has managed to almost completely undo 3 years of diet and now J is back on the road to being put back on reflux meds. He has had more sugar and crap in 5 months then he has had in his whole life (ok probably not, but close people). I am flabbergasted at the amount of candy and crap being pushed onto kids in the classrooms as treats or rewards or just what seems like plain bribs to like me sort of thing. What do parents of kids with diabetes do? Do they face these same problems? I feel like i have to stick a note to my kids head, because the teacher seriously has problems remembering that what she is giving my son is making him VERY sick. How do you explain to a child that he is throwing up because his teacher gave him candy? It’s pissing me off and i am just getting SO frustrated telling his scatterbrained first year Kindergarten teacher that if she gives him one more sugary treat she can pay for the prescription because it is her fault he needs it now.

Sidenote: i know, i know that teachers are tremendously overworked and need easy things to do with the kids and whatnot, but i have NUMEROUS times offered to supply her with stickers and small toys for treats and also to provide low-sugar healthy treats for the whole class whenever she wants if she would stop giving my kid candy! I am at wits end people. I have another meeting with her next week to discuss J’s progress and whatnot and i am serious about possibly tattooing do not give my kid sugar on her body.


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