Oh yeah!

I was looking at the appearance of my blog and realized that there are NO pictures of our third ball of terror fun. I won’t deny it, i neglect this blog for other things, mainly peeing because right now my bladder is apparently the MOST FASCINATING thing near my womb and must be prodded at ALL TIMES. This is of course is 95% of the time and the other 5% is spent making my belly do its own dance, thereby freaking anyone out near me. I have gotten so big that i look like i should be heading to the hospital at any moment and begging for the teenager to be removed before he starts driving. However, i am only in my 7th month and for the record i have been showing since i swear the minute of conception. My body is horrible like that. My doctor spouts about having three big ass babies prior to this little ginormous bundle of joy and something about the muscles relaxing, hate to break to ya doc, they have never been in any other state taunt or flexed, jsut relaxed since the first kid.

I am reduced to sitting in the horrible made to be erogonomic but are really just forms of torture chairs at work in two positions. It looks like i am going to have to stop sitting in one of the positions because my co-workers hover around me with a wading pool and a look of fear that this is the moment that my water will break and please dear god why didn’t i call in sick tonight instead of having to be here dealing with ginormous pregnant lady. To be fair they have done this with all of my pregnancies and bought the wading pool as a gag with my first pregnancy, but i know it wasn’t a gag because 1)  I am the only female on the night shift and 2) no one wanted to clean up if my water broke ( i sure as hell wasn’t).  They also drew straws to see who would be taking me to the hospital, it really warms your heart to see the terror on the short straw guys face. I think he called in sick the whole last month of my pregnancy. Wuss.

With all that being said and having nothing to do AT ALL with my opening statement, i will leave you with some pictures of the boys to prove, yep there are three of them so far. However, the older ones aren’t too pleased that mommy is adding to the household.

It is scary how cute they are and how much they have grown. *sniff*


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