Oh you thought this would be a post about scales, maybe me posting my weight. Yeah the only good thing about being this big is not being able to see anything below my belly, including scales. Which i am not stupid enough to step on while pregnant except when the evil OB nurses cheerfully say “let’s see how big our bundle of joy is today”. Back off lady we both know the 5 lbs i gained is not all going to this here hernia inducing joy i am carrying.

In any case, this Christmas M and i are scaling back on the amount of crap presents that Santa choses to put under our sad sad tree. Honestly Toys R Us has literally thrown up in my house and since we are having babies with the consistency of a windmill churning water, it is safe to say that we still have a majority of the toys that we bought for J. Add two more kids to that and suffice to say the toy level in the house is down right drowning. I spend more time stepping on blocks, hot wheel and animals then my actual carpet. M is so giddy that this is our last baby and finally he will be able to THROW OUT all sorts of stuff once this one has outgrown it. I swear he is vibrating with the anticipation, i secretly think he isn’t waiting for the kid to be born and is marking toys for their trip to Goodwill. I know four boys, how can we have anything intact to donate? It’s called “I am an ANAL ANAL OCD Mother” and the world stops turning people if we lose a puzzle piece. I live in constant fear of losing something and if we do and i have TORN THE HOUSE APART (not joking there) looking for it then M knows to make it disappear and then i can pretend we never owned it and oh look a new toy for me to buy them. *sigh* I swear i live in fear that we will lose a puzzle piece or #3 will eat it and then well i am not waiting for that to “pass” so i can put it back, that i swear they do puzzles under control settings. Geesh that makes me sound bad, really i am not (maybe a little bit), but i am a bit anal about the toy/pieces lost thing so surprisingly enough we have a gazillion toys to pass on to other needy people because let’s face it we won’t “need” it any more. *sniff*

On a related note, #3 has taken to eating the rubber off the beloved (by #2) Matchbox cars and each diaper is like getting a surprise each time. *sigh* I try to get them out of his mouth, but man he is fast and can strip a car of its tires in seconds, let’s hope this isn’t spelling a future for him. #2 on the other hand is less than thrilled that many cars are not road worthy.


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