Can it be?

Is it really December already? Anyone else looking under their rugs to find out where the year went to? I love the holidays, don’t get me wrong. I am always super excited to decorate and start singing off-key carols. This year i just feel like i have bulldozed by the holidays. With the economy being the way that it is, i can understand the need for stores to get some of the Christmas time out there early. But come on my kids have thought Santa was on his way before Halloween even got close. I just think that this is over kill. I feel like i am being rushed into the holidays and i just won’t have it!

We managed to get most of the outside of the house decorated today, but i will tell you i felt like the last one in the neighborhood to get it done. I felt like i needed to apologize for being so late in getting the fall garland down and the holly and berry garland in place. I mean it is only Dec 1, right? We put up the one tree in the playroom for the boys and got down the tree for M’s sports stuff. Honestly as much as i love trees though, #3 son loves the challenge of pulling something taller than him down, so we will not be getting a real tree until he outgrows this. Fortunately you can throw a strand of lights on practically anything and he is just in awe of it. Ahh i love that phase, 18 month olds can be taxing and fun!

We have finished most of the Christmas shopping for the boys. It will be a smaller Christmas this year as money is very tight. They don’t really notice the quantity though, they really just love the magic of the season. I feel better having them done though so that i can focus on what to do about our respective families. My family has a strict no gift for the adults rule and only the kids get gifts. My dad who implemented this rule, never abides by it. So every year i make him something because he is seriously the worst person to shop for. He owns practically everything and doesn’t have hobbies. Most everything he wants/needs he buys for himself. The only thing that he does need is sleep and if i could find a way to bottle that up, i would stock it for myself. This year i am making explosion boxes for all the grandparents, complete with pictures of the grandkids. I have been selling these like crazy locally and it is something i can do for them that is personal and homemade at the same time. If you do not know what an explosion box is, here is a link to an example of some. I love the versatility of them and how you can use them as albums or treat boxes. It is also easy ont he pocketbook. Which over here is very much appreciated!


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